Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Telephone Chat With Mother Asta

Asta, whats the name of the good lookin guy on the A-Team?

errr.....George Peppard?

Keep goin'

Dirk Benedict? Mr T? Robert Vaughn was on during the last season.

No no no....he was good lookin and flew this magical helicopter.


Oh! Jan-Michael Vincent?


Mom, that was Airwolf.

Well, who was the old man who flew with him?

Ernest Borgnine.

Okay. Wasn't he married to Ethel Merman?

For less than 40 days.

So whats the name of the family in Giant?


Okay, thats where Dirk Benedict popped into my mind.

Err...can I hang up and take some asprin?

No, not yet. I have another question for you.

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