Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Start of My Movie Love

I was a wee lass of 3 when my parents and I were on vacation to visit my grandparents and shop for records.

The grandparents lived in a small town in Minnesota so when we visited we would go into the nearby largest town which happened to be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We always went to the mall and always went into a bookstore- we had to- my mother was a reader so it was against the law to go somewhere and not stop and browse books.

The Asta Family went into the bookstore and Little Asta was told that she could have any book in the store. This was better than any ice cream or candy to me. A book?!?! For me?!?!?!?! I was only 3 or maybe 4 and we walked around and I browsed the displays. I wandered near the children's department and decided that I was better than that and kept walking. The family was giggling as I seriously studied the covers and then I found IT! I had to have this book more than anything in the world.

Is this the one you want?

yes daddy

(laughter) okay baby girl

My grandmother was NOT convinced I should have such a book and threw a small fit!

She can't have that book. It'll give her nightmares.

Oh come on, mom. What could possibly happen???

I didn't even know how to read very well but I studied the photos constantly. It was also very heavy so I had trouble carrying it around. I still own the book and it has fallen apart but I can't bear to toss it out since it has been on this journey with me almost my entire life. And here I am decades later still loving the monsters and movie stars

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